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Stained Glass Magnificence!

Written by MICHAEL

As designers, we are faced with many challenging problems that our clients bring.  This project was one of the most fun to solve.


This condo has two stories with an upstairs loft that overlooks a two story living room with a vaulted ceiling and skylights.  These skylights are the only natural light that comes into the loft space.

The problem began when the client’s grandson was old enough to look over the sill and out the opening, often tossing his toys down to family in the living room and asking for them to throw it back!  She became worried he might fall through the opening, or at least throw something that would break.  Another added problem was the TV in the loft conflicted with the TV in the living room below when both were on.

We needed something to block him from leaning over the opening, but that would still let in the light.  We decided on a stained glass window, using mostly all clear print glass to allow the most light through.  The design of the window also was a bit challenging, as we wanted something modern, but not geometric.  Geometric patterns have a way of catching your eye, and we did not want to distract from the surrounding décor in the space.  I decided to go with a look that had more of an abstract flow, like water or ribbons in the wind.


I worked with Diane Fairburn of Decorative Glass Solutions to develop this window.  She had created a window with a previous client similar to what we were looking for, so we modified the design and the colors for this space.

Here’s the initial rough sketch of the window.

Each section was marked with what type of glass would be in it

The rough sketch was translated into a life-size drawing of the window

The window was so large it didn’t fit on the tables! We had to get on a ladder to look at the whole sketch.

From concept to life-size!

As you can see this is a very large opening, so the window had to be made in three sections.  In order to keep the window safe and sturdy (and keep her grandson safe from falling through the window) we installed one large piece of safety glass into the opening and then installed the stained glass window over top.  This way if something were to hit the window, the safety glass prevents it from falling through.

And here are the final results!  The client couldn’t be more thrilled with the look, and this is something they will all enjoy for years to come!


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