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It’s Elemental – Trend Alert! 2015

Written by MICHAEL

With over 2,500 new collections and around 100,000 visitors twice a year High Point Market is still the largest furniture and accessories market in the world. Interior designers gather to see the new trends coming out for the upcoming year, and each year the overall trend has been more diversity and choice! Gone are the days of “matchy-matchy”—consumers are looking to be different and unique. What better way to be distinctive than going one-of-a-kind, and nature provides the perfect opportunity. The big picture this season includes natural elements of all kinds: stones, metals, even leather!

On the Rocks


Look to the ground and bring the inside out! You could be walking right on top of your décor! Geodes and crystals are millions of years in the making, and having some around the house reminds us how beauty can be created from between a rock and a hard place given the time. These jagged little stones may appear rough on the outside, but have a rainbow of possibilities inside.

Natural elements are steadily emerging as the must haves of the season—adorning everything from cabinet pulls, lamps finials, and box tops to giant tabletop centerpieces. No two are ever the same, which makes each one as unique as the piece it embellishes, and with the infinite variety of colors, the possibilities are endless.   Dig deep, and find the beauty underneath!

Blush and Bashful


The biggest and newest splash of color in the marketplace, and one that’s going to emerge as the season goes on, is blush. Energetic and flattering to every skin tone when used on walls, it’s the color that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Seen everywhere from wall color to lamps, crystals to fabrics, and even abstract art, blush is anything but shy! Pair these colors with gold tones, pastels, and emerald green for a trending new palette. Revive an old piece of furniture by upholstering or painting it in soft blush for a warm yet soothing feel.

Some wonderful blushes to try out at home or in the office are Benjamin Moore’s Sugarcane (1185), Sherwin Williams’ Patient White (SW6301), and Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground (202).

Put a Ring on it

With wedding season fast approaching, it’s no wonder concentric circles are showing up in everything from table legs to wall art. Circles within circles appear to take up more space than they really do, so they fit almost anywhere. These shapes are always on the go, and are not hemmed in by straight lines! Used together they can really help fill a blank space and create lots of movement in a room.



All that Glitters

And speaking of rings: forget chrome, silver, or platinum! Gold dominates the scene this season with blinding boldness. From table legs to picture frames, light fixtures to faucets, gold is everywhere you want to be. Have fun with all the malleable ways gold can be used as an accent. Even better: make a commitment with gold-leafed wallpaper and metallic gold fabric on furniture!

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t the brassy gold of the 80s, but a more refined muted metal. This warm element, paired with the pastel colors trending now, is sure to perfectly balance the scales of any space.

Hair Gone Wild

One of the biggest and wildest trends that has been growing for some time is hair-on-hide leather! Leave the razor at home and let these furry skins grace the surface of everything from floors to coffee tables, and even headboards!

Coming in natural to any color you can imagine, including metallics, these showstoping pieces will warm up any space. The durability of this heavy-duty material makes it perfectly suited for upholstery of your favorite chair or ottoman. Being anything but square, they’re ideal on a floor in odd-shaped spaces. They don’t all have to be cow-sized either: use a small hide to liven up any table surface underneath your center piece, or even as a welcome mat to your house.

Whatever your decorating style, these trends can be incorporated into almost any scheme. The beauty of nature means these natural elements never need to match! They’ll be as unique, one-of-a-kind, and diverse as the houses they live in and their owners.


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