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TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF CUSTOM DECOR!  New technology brings with it new ways to visualize your decor.  We can design your room right over a photo of your space, or even render your entire room digitally.

Have confidence when placing an order.  Our goal is to make sure you understand what your space will look like before you place an order, for peace of mind and eliminating costly surprises afterwards!  This is an easy way to see multiple options before committing to a look.


This new technology also means we can work with you regardless of your location!  A lot can be accomplished through email, and working together we can design a space you can be proud of.

Fee Structure: Hourly investment based on complexity and scope of project.

Here are some examples of how we can show you the custom decor before it’s made:

This large kitchen bay needed the softness of embroidered florals, but the client couldn’t visualize it without the rendering.

This family room needed some larger scale furnishing that only custom design could accomplish.

This room hasn’t even been built yet, but the rendering shows everything from lamps to fabric all in their place!.


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