Holy Cow!

Written by MICHAEL


Hair-on-hide leather is all the rage, and here at Cabin Creek we’ve been using it in many places!

Recently our client Will brought in an old chair he had in his house.   As you can see, with the old mauve vinyl and the pickled wood finish on the frame, it really didn’t fit in anywhere.  He had seen the popularity of hair-on-hide in a few magazines and wanted that unique look for this chair.

Hides with the hair on usually range from $400 to $750 per hide (about 50 sq feet, or about 3 yards of upholstery fabric equivalent), but as luck would have it, Will found a hide at Sam’s Club.  The hide was designed as a small area rug, so it was thicker and smaller that a hide that we would have ordered, but it was a steal at $80!  He bought two, and brought them in for us to look at to decide which was the better option.  We went classic black and white.


Pattern placement was paramount.  The hide we chose was mostly all black, with just a little white around the edges.  We wanted the application to look natural, but not boring.  Thankfully we were able to get enough white on the chair in such a way that it looked well-placed and balanced.  We also needed to update the finish on the chair, which our upholster did for us since it was a solid color and did not need any faux finishing.  Applying the hide designed as a rug was a good deal harder than the thinner hides designed for upholstery, but our upholsterer was still able to get the hide on the chair.

The chair before we got our hands on it! Did not fit in at all, and the cushion had lost its comfort.

* We purposefully placed the pattern in such a way that the flow and fel of the chair looked balanced. * The back of the chair needed a little oomph as well!

Here are the amazing finished results.   Needless to say the client was thrilled with the turnout, not to mention his savings!!


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